All about the Foundation of Makeup

Women, and especially mothers, we take into account the time, effort and budget we invest in consenting. Why? Simply because our priority is family or work; have a look at the flawless in 5 by Beautycounter. The truth is that every lady must book a few minutes a day for her and yes, a part of her salary to buy what makes you happy.

You are not the only one who suffers when makeup becomes a disaster due to sweat and high temperatures. We’ve all been through the same thing. Five minutes after applying the makeup, it fades. Yes, hot times often make us feel bad. No more! With these infallible tips, you will make your makeup last longer when it is very hot. If you do not like painting your lips, always use a lip balm to prevent them from breaking or drying out. List! Face, look and perfect lips. In just 5 minutes you will have obtained an ideal look to show your best face every day and never neglect your image!

Stains, out of here solve them by flawless in 5 by Beautycounter.

To hide the spots that appear on your skin, the first thing you have to do is use the concealer. Which? Well, if you have reddened areas, cover them with a green one that neutralizes the tone; dark spots, such as black spots and dark circles, should be covered with a yellow or beige; and the scars dissimulate them with a concealer of your same skin tone, do not use a lighter one because you will make it notice even more. Once you finish, place the base so that the whole face has the same colour and look uniform.

Put a light on your face by using flawless in 5 by Beautycounter

Playing with lights and shadows helps highlight our best features, and hide those that we do not like so much. Therefore, encourage yourself to use this technique to show off a unique face. You need to place a clear makeup tone (base or highlighter) on the areas you want to highlight: under the arch of the eyebrow; the centre of the nose; on the chin, vertically; under the cheekbones, to highlight them; and the centre of the forehead. The dark tone, however, will go on: sides of the nose – which makes it look thinner; on the cheekbones; on the forehead – on the birth of the roots of the hair – to frame the face; and in the neck, vertically, to refine it. Then integrate all the tones, helping you with a sponge, so that it looks homogeneous and natural.

Adequate makeup

How do you make up? With a concealer the same shade as your skin, you can hide the imperfections of the contour (always place it in a V shape and blend with your fingers). With the same product, before the shade, you ensure that the colour lasts longer. And with a good mask, you can give volume and length to your eyelashes so that they mark an intense look.

Flawless in 5 by Beautycounter makeup steps:

Step 1. The base comes first

In flawless in 5 by Beautycounter apply it from the centre of the face outwards; Start with the fingertips and finish with the help of a brush.

Step 2. Conceals imperfections

Apply concealer directly on your dark circles; also apply a little concealer where the mobile eyelid joins the nose to give instant light to your eyes. Use your fingers or, better yet, a quality brush to blend the product perfectly on your skin. When it comes to the concealer, it is important to keep in mind that imperfections in the skin can occur due to lack of sleep, hormonal changes and even changes in the weather. It is then convenient to have 3 or 4 colours of concealer on hand.

Put corrector on the inner edge (near the lacrimal) with your fingers and in small buds or imperfections. Use the same brush you used with the base to finish blending, it will help you achieve a more uniform finish. It is creamier. It also provides more coverage, covering marks and redness without problems. It is long lasting and stays on the skin without moving for many hours. It is the foundation of makeup that I have been using for the most years and it has been my favourite for a long time. Currently, it is not anymore because of my skin type.

Step 3. Focus on the eyes

Apply the eyeshadow with special emphasis on the basin and then on the bottom edge, use a thin brush. Curl the eyelashes (you can use an enchilada, a spoon or your usual method). Apply mascara, two or three layers on the upper and lower lashes. For the eyebrows, use a pencil to fill in the spaces you feel necessary, then brush for a more natural look. A few layers of black mascara able to open your eyes and show off some sexy lashes are good for everyone; causing enough impact to overlook other eye makeup products without too much stress. Always try to avoid lumps in the application.

Step 4. Shine and blur

Apply a layer of your favourite blush. We recommend a tone that gives light to your face; Bronze or pink would be perfect, remember that this look is for every day, we do not want very exaggerated tones. A little bit of blush applied in the right way can be the fastest way to show off a radiant and healthy complexion. Choose a formula that you find easier to handle: powder, cream or gel, it does not matter. Apply it on the apple of your cheeks sweeping gently towards the growth of your hundred.

Step 5. Impact lips

Start with a natural colour pencil to define well the outline of your mouth. Add a nude or pink lipstick, or if you prefer, fill it with a red lipstick. Finish the perfect and quick makeup for rushed mornings with a touch of gloss on the lips. The gloss, for example, makes the thin lips look slightly thicker. The ideal colour is always one that is quite similar to your natural tone, just a few darker touches; always bet on colours that are in the range of roses.