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Shine Your Car With Car Wash Mitts

Cars are very important assets for every individual. It a common dream to own a car, which reflects a high-status symbol. Buying a car is not a big issue but its maintenance is one. Especially when the question arises about cleaning one always make effort to keep the car shiny and attractive. But it is not possible with the help of an ordinary cloth or sponge. They might clean the car but also add some scratches on it and with regular use dull the shine of its paint. One should use cars wash mitts for this purpose. The mitts are really very effective and promising product for maintaining the glory of the car. For many years people are using a simple sponge or an old cloth for cleaning their cars but they were unaware of car wash mitts which are easily available in the nearby supermarket. These mitts had gained popularity a few years back and now they are the first choice of car owners who want to make their car shine like a new one. There are many types of car wash mitts available on the market. They are soft and safe on the car, make it shiny and scratch free. It is a very common tool for car washing and is easily available in supermarkets. Even one can order it online from various shopping sites at less cost.

What is a car wash mitt?

It is a tool developed to overcome the problem generated by cleaning through sponges. It doesn’t have the flat surface. It has the deep file. When the wash mitt is used for removing dirt, the dust particles get easily absorbed in the mitt which is safer trick to avoid scratches. It is the best tool for car washing. They have fine grip and more absorbency as compared to the sponges used by millions of people for their car washing.

Types of car wash mitts

There are different types of car wash mitts which can be classified on the basis of material used for their crafting:

  • Chenille mitts: They are the most common used mitts among the people. It is composed of microfiber strands. It is easy to use and clean. And the most important it is long lasting one. They are more aggressive for dirt removing but not for the car’s surface. They hold less soap as compared to the other mitts.
  • Wool mitts: These are the best type of mitt which one can buy for car washing. They are highly absorbent and soapy, which helps in lubrication while washing and avoid scratches. They are a good maintenance tool for cars. But they have a short span of life as compared to other mitts. They are super soft and fluffy.
  • Synthetic wool mitts: As the wool mitts have a short span of life many mitts manufacturer tried to enhance the lifespan by producing synthetic wool mitts. It is the same as wool but the only difference is of the material. They come in various shapes and sizes. Also, they are crafted from the different synthetic material without compromising the quality of the product.

Features of a good car mitt

Car mitts are very useful and effective tool for car washing. But in order to enhance the result, one should keep in mind some features which a good car wash mitt must possess. Some of the important features are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, the material of the mitt should be best suited according to the purpose. Mostly microfiber wash mitts are used for cleaning. Microfiber can be defined as an artificial fiber which is composed of polyamide and polyester. A group of microfibers creates a perfect material for removing dirt and grease from any surface.
  • Also, the microfiber blend ratio should be appropriate. Higher the ratio of polyamide softer the mitt will be. By varying the ratio the durability, softness etc. can be determined of the mitt.
  • The mitt should be durable. It should be strong and can be used multiple times.
  • The mitt should have enough absorbency.
  • The most important it should be easy to use and wash. The mitt can be washed in washing machine and easy to dry.
  • The price of a good car wash mitt should be affordable.
  • It should be a multipurpose tool. A good mitt should not only be used for car washing only. But it should also be used for cleaning of other appliances as well.
  • The mitt should have a good grip to avoid the slippage while washing the should have a non-slip elastic surface which helps in fetching effective results.

Advantages of using mitts for car washing

Car washing mitts are very popular among the customers because of its various benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The most important use of using car mitts is that they don’t let the small dust particle let trap inside them, due to which there is no risk of scratch while cleaning and washing the car
  • They are very soft and fluffy. They are 100% effective in removing the stains without any scratch on the car.
  • They are composed of microfiber due to which they don’t require much soap for cleaning. A few drops will be effective for cleaning.
  • The most important is the affordability. They are easily affordable and very useful tool for car washing.
  • Washing of car mitt is also very easy. They can be easily washed and dried in washing machines.
  • The car wash mitts are multipurpose in use. They can be used for washing cars as well as other appliances or vehicle as well.
  • These are also used by car washers due to their effective results.

A scratch free and shiny car is favorite of everyone. And now with the help of car ash mitts, it is possible to maintain the shine and luster of the car as long as possible. Also, those people who have committed the mistake of using an ordinary sponge can use these mitts and restore the old shine of their cars. For more information visit

Saving Car Fuel with Three of the Best Octane Boosters

How bad is your vehicle’s fuel consumption rate? If your auto tends to consume excessive gasoline, it’s good to do something now. What you should do is easy: increase fuel octane rate. In other words, use octane additives to boost fuel usage efficiency. This has nothing to do with boosting horsepower. To attain this goal, upgrade to a supercharger or turbo engines. Octane boosters are purely designed for car owners who wish to gain the most out of every gallon of fuel they buy. Achieving fuel efficiency is the key thing here. A booster is a product for sale.

So you will be able to select the most appropriate octane booster based on the price and other parameters. As there are several options, you could easily feel confused. To know the right brand, you should use our online guide today. We have listed every octane booster brand that we have been happy with so far. To read the guide in depth go to and do it. Meanwhile, we will highlight the content you will find on our site. Our top recommendation for owners of turbo cars is the Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost. If you wish to drive around your home town, avoid this octane booster as it is not legal. It’s best bought when one has an upcoming race. It can raise an octane level of fuel by thirty points.

Royal Blue 11757 Max Boost can restore engine power; increase your auto’s fuel economy, and replace lead additives in your engine to safeguard its valve seats from damage. Other benefits are that this booster will lower your CO2 emission rate and improve various components of your engine. These may include oxygen sensors, carburetor and direct injection/port fuel. If using a turbo or supercharged engine or an engine that operates on unleaded or leaded fuel, choose Max Boost today. Even if your car engine can run on ethanol fuel mixtures or gasohol, this is the best octane booster to pick. Although this Royal Blue product is so helpful, it is expensive than other options out there.

We adore Klotz Octane Booster too. This one is made for sports super cars and corvettes. If you have either of these machines, buy your first Klotz Octane Booster today. After using it, you will gauge its effect and determine if you can get one more gallon. Even as you do this, however, keep in mind that you can only increase fuel octane levels up to a certain extent. And when this limit is reached, additional booster won’t perform any magic. This will be the maximum help it can offer. As this product can raise octane by 10 points, according to Klotz, don’t expect more. Instead, ensure that your engine doesn’t have mechanical issues that could interfere with the performance of this octane booster.

If you are running a gasoline engine or an engine that can run on ethanol mixtures, buy Klotz Octane Booster. As this can absorb engine moisture, it can always stay in a great working condition. Just like Royal Blue’s product, Klotz’ uses MMT, a useful anti-knock agent that triggers the least negative impact compared to other octane boosters. As it is sold in high amounts, you are likely end up with a left-over booster you don’t quite need. That’s the disadvantage you might face.

We have special recognition for Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 booster. It is claimed to have up to three times more effect than most octane boosters have on engines. It is reasonably priced and it’s not exactly allowed on the streets. So you should buy it at your risk. It can be bought for turbo engines, high compression engines, petrol engines, or engines with sensors. With only 15 ounces bottle, you can treat up to fifteen gallons of fuel. If you want to learn more about this brand’s octane booster and find out other options, open our official website today. It has excellent guides that you can read and handle your vehicle much more responsibly.