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Get Amazed at Benefits of Acerola Cherry Powder


Acerola cherry powder is a bioavailable source of vitamin C and extremely rich in its nutrients. It is extracted from real acerola cherries and flooded with the real taste and nutrients of the fruit. Its health benefits are amazing and are loaded with hundreds of nutrients including various vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Origin of Acerola Cherries:

Acerola cherries are native to South and Central America, and Mexico. They are commonly known as West Indian cherry, Barbados cherry, and Wild crepe myrtle and are produced by the tropical shrub named Malpighia emarginata.

Color and texture:

Acerola cherries are bright red in color, juicy and sour in taste. They are naturally harvested and grown in a dry soil. The fruits are plucked when they are green as this is the time when they are most nutritious and rich in vitamin C. In fact, twice rich in nutrients than the ripe fruit. The acerola cherry powder is extracted from this rich source and gives the flavor of pure cherry. It is helpful for those people living in areas that do not grow fresh acerola cherry thus acerola cherry powder helps to fulfill their daily nutrient requirements which no artificial supplement can fulfill.

Health Benefits of Acerola Cherry Powder:

Acerola cherries, being the richest source of vitamin C are famous all over the world. This little, tart fruit has got some amazing health benefits that will leave you spell-bound. A single acerola cherry contains 65 grams of vitamin C which is the required amount of consuming this essential nutrient on daily basis. Though oranges were considered to be the rich source of vitamin C, you will be astonished to know that acerola cherries contain 40 times richer nutrients than in a single orange. Also, the oranges are available in the winter season, but our acerola cherry powder is available all over the year. These nutrients boost the immune system and keep the body and its cells from various diseases. A healthy immune system is no less than a blessing which protects us from various autoimmune diseases. Also, it helps in normal growth of cells and tissues and prevents them from any mutation. These mutations lead to abnormal cell growth and may result in tumors or cancers. Thus, a tablespoon of acerola cherry powder, a day is enough to keep your immune system a healthy boost.

Another research has proved that acerola cherry powder is 1.63 times more bioavailable source of vitamin C than any synthetic source. Moreover, the commercial supplements are not readily absorbed by the body instead acerola cherry powder is rather an enriched form which is readily absorbed by the body and effective on its systems. A daily dose of acerola cherry powder is enough to give an extra boost to your immune system and keep you away from illnesses and cols as well. It activates the metabolism and keeps the body warm in winter. Those people suffering from cold intolerance must take a tablespoon of acerola cherry powder to see how it works to keep their body warm.

The benefits don’t end here. This little amazing fruit has lots of hidden benefits on nature that we reveal to you one by one. The acerola cherry powder helps in the formation of new collagen which will help you heal your wounds, burns, and bruises easily. It also helps fight free radicals which damage the normal cells of the body and it may also accumulate in your eyes causing cataracts as a result of sun exposure. It is also a powerful antioxidant that regulates blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterols level too. Moreover, it decreases the risk of chronic diseases such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes etc. consuming adequate levels of our organic, raw, wildcrafted acerola cherry powder will easily surpass your daily requirements of vitamin C and other essential nutrients as well.

Vitamin C is not only the potent vitamin of excellent acerola cherry powder, but other minerals and vitamins are playing their part as well. It carries B-complex vitamins like B-12, B6, which boost many of your natural metabolic processes. Minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium will keep your body active and energize your bones, teeth, and nerves as well. It helps in achieving daily tasks as it activates your nervous system and keeps it running at a pace during the working hours of your day. Acerola cherry powder is enriched with beta-carotene, which when enters the body gets converted into vitamin A that is an essential nutrient for your eyes and improves the eyesight as well.

How to Consume Acerola Cherry Powder:

Acerola cherry powder has a delicious taste that can easily be consumed mix with water, milk, or any juice. Take a tablespoon of acerola cherry powder daily to gain the required amount of vitamin C and other nutrients as well. It can also be mixed with any food or your smoothies to enhance the flavor. Moreover, you can sprinkle the powder on any pudding, dessert, cereal, oatmeal or mix it with yogurt and enjoy. Well, a tablespoon is enough to keep your systems an extra boost for the whole day and keep your mind fresh as well.

Packing and shipping:

Our natural, organic acerola cherry powder is processed through all the necessary steps to provide you in its finest and enriched form. Then it is carefully packaged in airtight, sealed bags to keep the quality and for its optimum freshness. No matter to which area do you belong we are here to take care of your needs and ready to serve you the best acerola cherry powder in the whole market. Our product is 100 pure and natural, minimally processed to minimize the nutrient loss. You can order this product according to your demand through our reliable shipping source to any corner of the world. We are here to serve you with what’s the best in quality and pure in form to maintain you in your good health.