Fruit Flies Eradication – 3 Tricks You Can Use At Home

Fruits flies are stubborn, little insects that live in our kitchens. To be specific, they love groceries and fruits and can invade your kitchen in droves. So it is important to know how to get rid of fruit flies. The knowledge will be invaluable when you encounter these nasty insects. In just eight to ten days, fruit flies breed again. As they reproduce very fast, you can have unending attacks. The only way to avoid this menace is to follow the right steps to eradicate fruit flies for good. By following a detailed guide at, you will destroy fruit flies in no time at all. So feel free to visit the site now and make use of all the knowledge you will find there. Meanwhile, here are three tricks you can use at home.

Funnel trick

First, make a nice funnel. Fold and roll a piece of paper to come up with a cone shape. Close the ends of the funnel with a tape to make sure there are no spaces that would let the insects out. After doing this successfully, place scented bait like apple cider vinegar. Its smell can attract several fruit flies at once. Make apple cider vinegar’s aroma stronger by heating it before use.

Next, look for the flies’ favorite position in your kitchen and outside. Place your cone/funnel in a container or bottle containing bait. Keep it on the identified spot. In no time at all, you will see a lot of insects flying around the scented bait. And before you know it, they will get inside the funnel and fail to find their way out. Once your trap works, you can kill or dump the insects outside.

Using a clear plastic wrap, container and fruit

Another tip on how to get rid of fruit flies at home is to use a plastic wrap, jar and a piece of fruit or fruit juice. Fruit flies love the smell of most fruits, including bananas and tomatoes. In deed, they get so attracted to the scent of a rotting fruit. So, find a piece of rotting or fresh fruit and place it inside a clear jar. Cover the rim of your container with a piece of plastic wrap. Fasten it around neck tightly with a rubber band. Make as several traps as you want. Get a sharp object like a toothpick and poke the plastic wrap.

Take one of your jars outside the kitchen and place it on a sunny spot. The warmed up fruit sap or piece will develop a stronger smell that get the attention of swarms of fruit flies. In their voracious efforts to taste the fruit, they will crawl inside the jar and stick inside. Once you have captured enough of these, kill the insects with a spray or you may submerge the jar in warm, soapy water. Repeat the same steps over and over until your kitchen is free from these pesky pests.

Red wine trick

Fruit flies like the smell of wine. So you can make a red wine trap and capture so many of these. To make a good trap, use either a plastic wrap and a jar or a cone/funnel and a jar. Make your traps the same way we described above. Instead of placing vinegar or fruit, pour some red wine in the jar and place your trap on top of it. Fruit flies will smell the wine and crawl inside the bottle. They won’t fly for long while inside the bottle because of getting intoxicated. Once they do, they will collapse and drown in the red wine.

With such simple tricks, you can keep your kitchen free from fruit flies. So make sure you practice these tricks today.