The diving masks and the best diving glasses

It is an indispensable piece of our diving equipment. In this article, we give you the keys to choose the most appropriate best scuba mask and which are best scuba mask of 2018. In this update, you will see the prices linked to each mask and where you can buy them. In addition, we analyze the characteristics of diving goggles and the keys to improve our immersion material.

 Aspects to consider when buying best scuba mask:

Before buying professional diving goggles or the best snorkel mask we want for our team, we must review a series of features and take them into account before spending the money to acquire material with coherence … What are the points to have into account when buying the best diving mask?

Best scuba mask:

In the previous graphic we have seen all the parts, now it is time to see which ones will bring us better or worse advantages in our diving equipment.

Lens angle

Diving masks with a little angle have two advantages. First, the internal volume of the mask is reduced, and secondly, and more importantly, the lower field of view increases. That is, it is easier to look down, so a good diving lens is the first key point to have an adequate vision.

Single lens or double lens

All diving goggles have one of these types of lens. The masks with a single objective seem more open since they have no frame through the bridge of the nose. However, its drawback is that they cannot be replaced by prescription lenses, while double lens lenses can easily be replaced. Dual lens masks usually have a glass in each window that provides a more open and bright field feeling.

The skirt of the mask

It seems simple, but in reality, it is very important since it has to provide a good closing without allowing air or water entry. Most manufacturers use high-quality silicone, it has been shown to be the best material for its comfort and sealing. The best models of the market also come with another secondary skirt that increases the surface, capable of sealing and reducing the possibility of leaks.

The frame of the mask

Most diving masks come with a frame in which all the other components (lens, skirt, straps and buckles) are attached, making them easy to disassemble for cleaning, repairing or changing lenses. But there are also frameless diving masks on the market, in which the silicone skirt is moulded around the other components to keep them together. These masks are thinner and can fit in a pocket, however, it is not possible to repair or install prescription lenses.

The strap and buckle

Each person is different, so masks – glasses come with a silicone strap that holds the skirt close to the skin. To adjust it, a good buckle system is necessary. There are different types, but the latest models have moved the point of attachment of the buckle outside the frame incorporating it into the skirt. By doing this, sealing the skirt is better.

How to take care of best scuba mask?

After each use, the diving glasses should always be rinsed with fresh water. It has been shown that hot water works best to dissolve any salt particles from our equipment. Once washed, leave enough time to dry completely before storage, always in a dry place protected from direct sunlight. Looking for best scuba mask?

Best scuba mask by comparison

Since we have reviewed all the necessary and material points to take into account for best scuba mask, we will see the different offers of the market where the relation quality and price go together when buying a good diving material.

    • The Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit developed not only to adapt to any face shape but also incorporates a unique stiffness that allows a perfect seal and great comfort. Your skirt has two different thicknesses of high-quality silicone, ensuring total comfort. A great mask for diving that provides great performance and comfort at the same time.
    • The Cressi Nano. It uses an extremely low internal volume and its aerodynamic shape reduces resistance and improves its efficiency. The bridge through the nose has thinned and strengthened to eliminate the uncomfortable contact between the frame of the mask and the face. The reverse tear shape of its lens and the closeness of the eyes offer an extensive field of vision with little or no visibility of the frame itself. This is the best scuba mask.
    • The Riffe Mantis LV. Manufactured to adapt to all types of wide faces. With a protective film of UV rays, its tempered glass lens with asymmetric design offers the diver an excellent view at all angles. This new design includes drainage channels for the evacuation of water under the eye. A diving lens very popular among the most experienced divers.
    • The Atomic Aquatics Venom. Another of the best diving glasses is the one made with Schott Superwite German video that allows a greater penetration of light. It comes with an ultra-wide panoramic design on its reverse tear lens, and integrated swivel buckles that are easy to adjust. The internal reinforcing structure is moulded below the silicone rubber skirt. It is an ideal mask for those looking for high quality and performance best scuba mask.
    • The Mares X-VU LiquidSkin is the first Mares lens to fully utilize the LiquidSkin technology after the X-vision model. Beyond the natural comfort provided by the LiquidSkin skirt, an additional part of soft silicone has been injected into the nose area to act as an anti-shock bumper. Mares LiquidSkin models are highly recommended by diving professionals, regarding performance and comfort.
    • Like other brands of the same brand, the Scubapro Spectra Trufit uses the new Trufit skirt made from two different thicknesses of the same high-quality silicone in a skirt, ensuring total comfort and a sophisticated simplicity. This double lens mask has a low volume, although it is designed for maximum visibility. It offers a comfortable fit for a wide variety of faces.