Every homes has its facilities, requires home cleaning services. The employees must work at ease, happy and the company must project an adequate image. It is very important that these centers are clean and even more so when it comes to homes where the public is received. The homes require a daily cleaning, especially if they are places of high traffic. The cleaning of floors, work tables, bathrooms, blinds or windows are some of the aspects that must be taken care of on a day-to-day basis and for this the Connect Cleaners are the best!

There are many companies that think about hiring someone who is dedicated to this cleaning, as a domestic employee. However, this would involve hiring her and paying her social security, which makes it much cheaper and more professional to opt for home cleaning services for a company. Out of all the Connect Cleaners is the best!

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  • Contracting the services of professional companies also has many other advantages . For example, the cleaning companies have insurance so that in case of work accident of the cleaner your company is not responsible but it is covered by the cleaning company’s insurance.
  • The advantages of hiring Connect Cleaners are many; it is a way of delegating responsibilities since the maintenance of homes requires a lot of time and effort. One of the benefits of having a company specializing in cleaning is that you can have more than one person to carry out the work; it all depends on the extent of these homes.
  • Other benefits of opting for Connect Cleaners is that the companies that are dedicated to it are very well prepared. On the one hand, cleaning products are cheaper, are qualified chemical compounds, have the means and tools that facilitate the tasks. This saves time by needing less hours to clean the space, and also in money.

If these are very spacious homes and even with several floors, these specialized companies do a machine scrubbing and even the cleaning of the windows is much safer, especially from the outside when it comes to a high floor that is equipped with Harness and approved safety equipment. In this sense, the home cleaning services companies offer extensive services such as the elimination of grease, vacuuming, disinfection, stripping of pavements, wet mopping or verification of pavements.- In addition , they are professionals who are also concerned with improving the exterior appearance since an home must give a good image inside and out. Arriving at an establishment and finding graffiti on the blinds or on the facades produces the sensation of dirtiness and even of working badly.

So the home cleaning services also includes the cleaning of signs, solar panels if any, roofs, terraces, or showcases by pressurized water. The truth is that cleaning the exterior of these homes is the most complicated and requires specialized personnel or even machinery if they are difficult to access, and for this the Connect Cleaners do the magic. One of the tricks to keep the crystals cleaner for a longer time is to use osmosis water, which has proved to be much more complicated to clean when the lime leaves traces.

The security and the means available to professionals do not belong to the employee of the household. We are not simply talking about dusting, sweeping, scrubbing or vacuuming the vacuum cleaner from time to time, but we are talking about large-scale maintenance work. There are many companies that assign these tasks to their own workers but the savings in costs and time of a specialized company makes it delegated to the professionals of home cleaning services, so companies are more productive. The success of a business is undoubtedly in the cleanliness and hygiene of the home.

Connect Cleaners are faithfully committed to improving your quality of life and for this; we always provide a wide range of services fully adapted to your needs: from home cleaning, to home help, child care. One of the star services that our customers demand with greater assiduity are our cleaning services, for their functionality and their general need in any home. But still, there are many people who do not know all the benefits that can be obtained with support in the cleaning of the home. If you have not yet learned all the advantages of having your domestic service for hours and adapted to your needs, you have found the most appropriate post. Keep reading our article today and know the benefits of having your domestic service.

Why hire Connect Cleaners?


Take advantage of each moment and recover the fascination for happiness that the small moments of life bring you can come from the hand of your domestic service. Getting rid of household chores on a daily basis even if only in a general way can rediscover moments and sensations that you might not have had time to experience before due to the dedication you gave to cleaning the home.


The order and cleanliness, calls for order and cleanliness, that is, the neater you keep your home, less effort and less motivation you will need to give a review. In addition, find any paper, object or detail will not become a challenge in which to waste part of your free time.

The opportunity cost

In economics it is said that the opportunity cost is the cost of what you stop doing, doing another activity. On this occasion, what can be the opportunity cost of cleaning your home? Maybe dedicate time to work. Value what your work is worth and what your children’s love is worth and clear the equation.


2.7% of the diseases are caused by the air that is inside the homes according to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). Hygiene in the home is presented as one of the fundamental factors to prevent allergies or other more severe pathologies such as hepatitis or bronchitis. It is especially important in homes where people with skin or respiratory conditions or others with allergies as common as dust allergy.